Latour, Ineke

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Ineke Latour

Ineke holds her full Stott Pilates certification and has been a dedicated teacher since 2008. Since 2011, she has been taken weekly private classes with Catarina Palma in the Romana's Pilates method. She is also certified as an ACE Personal Trainer and Pink Ribbon Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist.

Ineke is very passionate about teaching Pilates and educating clients about their bodies. She teaches with compassion and with intellect. She brings a smile and positive energy to every session and class and strives to offer each client a beneficial and enjoyable experience in the studio. She is looking forward working with you too !

Ineke Latour op de reformer in the Palma Pilates Studio
Ineke Latour in the Palma Pilates Studio The Hague
Ineke Latour  met de wall unit in the Palma Pilates Studio Den Haag
Ineke Latour doet mee aan een workshop in the Palma Pilates Studio Den Haag