Who is Sabine Morosini

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Sabine Morosini

Sabine got acquainted with Pilates more than 10 years ago. She was so inspired by this technique that she started her Pilates education in 2006. She followed the education at Fysio Physics and Ground Control-Pilates while continuing her job as a Financial Advisor. She followed workshops and she started giving mat classes in different gyms in Voorburg. As she continued along this path, she noticed that her students missed personal attention. In 2017, she resigned from her job as a Financial Advisor and decided to start the intensive education given by Peak Pilates at the Pilates Academy in Rotterdam, which she finalized with an international certification.

Sabine knows from her own experience that the Pilates method can have a healing effect on the body. Her goal is to challenge people to the best of their abilities at their own tempo and given their physical possibilities. With her open personality, she shares her enthusiasm and knowledge with her clients.

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