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Only registered clients of the Pilates Studio - Palma Personal Training can make use of this online services to pay for new session cards, to check their schedules and to book/cancel their classes. Please login with your email address using "LOGIN" button below.
Welcome to the online service of the Palma Personal Training Pilates Studio. Click on the "MY PROFILE" button to see your card balance, your schedule or to logout.

Via this site you can ONLY cancel your mat sessions but NOT Private/Duo/Trio/Quartet sessions.

Only via the MindbodyOnline* website or app, you are able to cancel your Mat, Private, Duo, Trio, Quartet sessions within the cancellation policy.


*First time user and already registered in our Studio ? Press on the "login" button and select straight away "forgot your password?". You will receive an email that directs you to MindbodyOnline where you can create a new password. Use your email address as your username and this new password to login into the Clients Corner.
* Please note that you are not able to buy session cards from the MindbodyOnline website/App but only via our website as MindbodyOnline does not support iDeal.


How to register: As a new client, you need first to make an appointment for an intake session. Please call the Pilates Studio at +31-70-3243563 or make use of our Mailform.
We have scheduled your classes for a few months in advance, to make sure you can keep your regular slot. If you are not able to join one of the classes, please cancel the class on time within our 48 hours cancellation policy.


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See the step by step instructions on how to set up Mindbody app for the Pilates Studio.


You have already an account and you want to access the MindBodyOnline website directly ? Use the following LINK
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Buy Private sessions:

1 Intake session Euro 57,- first time only
1 Private session Euro 59,-  
5 Private sessions Euro 290,- Save Euro 5,-
10 Private sessions Euro 570,- Save Euro 20,-
Palma Personal Training Pilates Studio mats and barrels

buy Duo sessions:

1 Duo session Euro 43,- p.p.
5 Duo sessions Euro 210,- Save Euro 5,-
10 Duo sessions Euro 415,- save Euro 15,-
Palma Personal Training Pilates Studio wall units

Buy trio sessions:

1 Trio session Euro 32,- p.p.
5 Trio sessions Euro 155,- Save Euro 5,-
10 Trio sessions Euro 308,- Save Euro 12,-
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Buy Quartet sessions:

1 Quartet session Euro 27,- p.p.
5 Quartet sessions Euro 130,- Save Euro 5,-
10 Quartet sessions Euro 258,- Save Euro 12,-
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Buy Mat Classes:

1 mat class Euro 22,- first time only
10 mat classes Euro 206,- Save Euro 14,-
* 10 mat card valid for 13 weeks.

Mat schedules

Usually we reserve weekly slots for our clients on the Mat classes. If there is availability, because one of the "regular" clients have cancelled the Mat class, you can book these Mat classes online or you can add yourself to the waiting list. To see the Mat class schedules and book a Mat class, please click the "Mat Schedule" bar below.

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