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Welcome to the "Online Service" of Pilates Studio- Palma Personal Training.

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Clients Corner

Only registered clients of the Pilates Studio - Palma Personal Training can make use of this services to pay online for new sessions, to check their schedules and to book/cancel their classes. Registration to this service can only be done in the Studio.

Please login with your registered email address using the "LOGIN" button below.

Welcome to the online service of the Palma Personal Training Pilates Studio. Click on the "MY PROFILE" button to see your session balance, your schedule or to logout. To log out, you can use the “MY PROFILE” button or use the “logout” button in the Clients menu.


  • Please note that you can ONLY cancel your mat sessions via our website online services and NOT the Private/Duo/Trio/Quartet sessions. You are able to cancel your Mat, Private, Duo, Trio, Quartet sessions only via the MindbodyOnline website or app within the 48-hour cancellation policy.

*First time user and already registered in our Studio ? Press on the "login" button and select straight away "forgot your password?". You will receive an email that directs you to MindbodyOnline where you can create a new password. Use your email address as your username and this new password to login into the Clients Corner.
  • Please note that you are NOT able to buy new sessions from the MindbodyOnline website/App but only via our website as MindbodyOnline does not support iDeal.


We have scheduled your classes for a few months in advance, to make sure you can keep your regular slot. If you are not able to join one of the classes, please cancel the class on time within our 48-hour cancellation policy.

How to register

As a new client, you need first to make an appointment for an intake session. Please call the Pilates Studio at +31-70-3243563 or make use of our mail form.


  • You have already an account and you want to make use of the MindbodyOnline website instead of the Clients Corner? Make use of the following LINK
  • You want to make use of MindbodyOnline app on IOS or Android phone ? Use the step to step instruction guide to configure the Mindbody app for the Pilates Studio.
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