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Pilates Videos

This is a small collection of our videos that we have created in our Studio.

This 2 minute video gives you a good introduction to Pilates. You will see some of the Pilates exercises that we will teach you in our Studio depending on the level of the client. Joseph Pilates created more than 500 different exercises !

Pilates in 2 Minutes

The "Teaser Twist" is an exercise on the Wunda Chair to strengthen your back and your abdominal wall. It will also increase your alignment and balance.

Teaser twist on the wunda chair

The Scissors en Bicycle on the Spine Corrector is a great exercise to strengthen your "Powerhouse"  (muscles of the lower back and abdominal wall).

The Scissors and Bicycle on the Spine Corrector

Spread Eagle is one of the exerises of the "traditional ending". Joseph Pilates use to teach this series often as an ending of a session to a client of intermediate/advance level.

Spread Eagle on the Cadillac

This exercise is a challenge in very different ways: Flexibility, Alignment, Control.....
This is the next step after you learn the Swam on the Ladder Barrel. It strengthen your back muscles and gives you great control of your abdominal wall.

Swan on the Long Box

De Russian Split is an advanced exercise on the reformer and is usually executed at the end of the work-out. This exercise targets the 6 main principles of the Pilates Method: Stabilization, Control, Concentration, Flow & efficiency of Movement, Breath and Precision.

Russian Spilt on the Reformer

Teaser variation on the spine corrector is good for the abdominals !!.

Spine Corrector Teaser

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Christmas Holiday

Due to the Christmas holidays, we will be closed from Monday 24th of December 2018 until Sunday 6th of January 2019. We will start our classes on Monday 7th of January 2019.

We wish you all a great Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year !

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Group Mat Sessions

We still have place on the Monday 18:15, Thursday 19:45, Wednesday 19:30, and Saturday 10:45 mat classes. If you are interested please contact Catarina Palma.

For more information on our mat classes, go to our mat classes webpage.

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